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What types of car finance do we offer?​

PCP Car Finance

If you’re looking for a car finance option at a lower fixed monthly rate than a traditional Hire Purchase, then a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) could be exactly what you are looking for. PCP is one of the most popular and effective car finance products on the market – especially for clients looking to switch up their car on a regular basis.

PCP is often built upon a Hire Purchase agreement, which lets you pay for your luxury vehicle over a set period of time – usually 2 – 5 years. Starting with a flexible deposit of 0% (lender dependent) to 20%, a fixed monthly payment is delivered over the course of a fixed term such as 36 to 48 months. At the end of this term, you’ll have three options: return the car with nothing further to pay (should the car be in good condition, as you could be responsible for any repairs), pay off the outstanding Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) and keep the vehicle, or part exchange to use any outstanding equity against your next car. But it is also important to note that, with a PCP agreement, monthly payments are based on the amount you plan to borrow minus the cost of the GMFV.

Hire Purchase Car Finance

Hire Purchase agreement gives you the power to pay off your prestige vehicle over a fixed period without using a personal loan – with the vehicle being yours once that final monthly payment has been made. This is a fantastic solution for those looking to keep the keys to their dream car at the end of the agreement. This is the more expensive root however, you will own the car at the end of your agreement.

With this type of finance clients are essentially hiring their luxury car from us during the 2-5 years that the agreement is in motion, which is why it is sometimes known as a Lease Purchase. From a flexible 10%-40% deposit taken at the start of your plan with a custom agreement length based around your current financial circumstances.

Can I get finance while I already have a car on finance and can I part exchange my car?

Yes we will always help you get out of your existing car and put you in the car you are wanting. We are best knowing what is outstanding on your finance and we can check where this puts you with your car and help settle your finance. On the other hand we can deal with the garage you are buying from and work out a part exchange value for your vehicle.

Will I be put on the best finance deal suited to my credit profile?

Yes your account manager will provide you the different options and let you pick which deal we can get you. We always aim to put our customers in the lowest APR rate deals as we can, therefore we can keep your monthly payments to a minimum.

Do I have to put a deposit down to finance a car?

If you don’t have the available funds to put down a deposit. We can still provide you finance with some of our lenders. Not every lender will accept this but we do have lenders that don’t require a deposit. The benefit of putting a deposit down is to reduce your loan to value. Meaning you owe less on the car and it will reduce your monthly payments.

Which companies can you source cars from?

We would only purchase cars from companies which have a good “reputation” as we would like to protect all of our customers and ensure the cars are the best of quality. We will do the necessary checks to ensure that they meet our criteria by all means send over what you would like to look at, and we can let you know if we can do business with your provider of choice. We do this to make sure you are protected. If they aren’t approved, we will locate you a similar car at the best price from a recommend dealer.     

How soon can I get my new car?

Should your application have not many complications and we have already located the car you wish to purchase. We could potentially have you in that car within 48 hours (lender dependant).

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